Training Introduction

General Information This organization is a unique opportunity for those interested in the outdoors and emergency medical services. The training provides a strong sense of teamwork and accomplishment. Over the years, the group has continued to provide exceptional service to the community and the University. Volunteers consist of both undergraduates and graduates from all of the schools, as well as alumni and other members of the community.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group (BRMRG) starts a training class each fall, set to coincide with the academic year of the Universtiy of Virginia. At the begininng of the fall semester we host a general information meeting/ slide show, followed by an open house in our offices. Training for the year will begin shortly after these meetings. Most members join at this time. We welcome new members and trainees throughout the entire year, so please contact us for more information. Trainings take place on Wednesday nights. Practical training is held on Saturday mornings at Observatory Hill or other nearby locations. Check the training schedule for details.

Contact Information BRMRG is located in Charlottesville, VA, and associated with several other groups throughout Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. If you do not live in one of these areas, take a look at our SAR Contacts Page to find a group in your area. E-mail our training officer Russell Peavey.

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